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Building Thermography uses the fact that everything above Absolute Zero (-273ºC  0ºK) emits infrared radiation.

The higher the temperature gets, the more infrared energy is emitted. A thermal infrared imaging camera senses the infrared emitted from a materials surface, and by understanding the structure behind this surface allows conclusions to be drawn about any anomalies found. Our technician, Trevor Clark, is a qualified Thermographer through the Institute of Infrared Thermography and has thermal imaged a broad range of properties, from Hotel Electrical Systems to New Buildings and Existing Properties.

The ABC of Energy Loss In Your Home

A - Air Leakage 

Draughts, that can significantly increase your heating costs. Air will find the smallest gap and enter your property, this air then needs heating. As air enters from one side of the prioerty, warm air leaves on the other side. Draughts can significantly increase your heating (or cooling) costs. Here we see air leaking in around the door frame of a utility room from the garage next to it.


B - Wind Wash - (aka Thermal Bypass)

Air flow robbery of energy from behind the structure. Here we see cold air flow (black/blue in image) from the attic travelling down behind the plasterboard and block work. Cooling the plasterboard and removing heat which needs to be replaced. Unseen and unnoticed but silently increasing the properties energy costs.

C – Thermal Bridges

Energy robbery through lack of insulation in a structure. Unseen & unnoticed. Here we can "see" the roof rafters, these are less able to prevent energy transfer than the insulation, where it has been installed. Missing insulation is easily seen with our 6th Sense thermal camera, the large blue areas indicate where insulation has been poorly fitted (leading to Wind Washing) or missing (blue/black areas).


Non Destructive Inspections

A Thermal Inspection is a Non Destructive inspection that does not require drilling holes or cutting open the walls or ceilings of the property.  We 'see' with our camera where problems are hiding from our eyes and can identify potential problems within minutes of turning on our Thermal Infrared Camera. We provide you with an interpretation of the infrared images that can help maintenance & investment decisions. Not only is a Thermal Infrared Inspection effective for identifying energy loss, it can also be used to find:

  • Water leaks that damage the building

  • Condensation, damp, moisture and mould problems

  • Roof leaks – flat or traditional

  • Poorly performing underfloor heating circuits or hot spots (water or electrical)

  • Quick identification of hot spots in electrical distribution boards

  • Mechanical drive system problems

  • In fact any area where heat is generated

  • We can locate vermin nests if required ("Jasper" & Bee or Wasp nests)

All without turning the electrical power off or disruption to the working processes, so your workforce can continue with their jobs with minimal loss of production to your company.

Thermal Infrared Imaging Inspections

Thermal Imaging is an ideal tool for identifying energy losses in your home. It gives you an immediate ‘live’ visual picture of issues identified and infrared images you can use for reference when carrying out remedial work. Thermal Imaging is a great tool for a technician, but it is only a tool – and it is rarely just a matter of simply turning up and pointing the camera in right direction.

We may need to wait until the right conditions prevail to get the best possible result which will establish where and what the problem actually is. This also means we may need to bring the object or property up to the right thermal conditions, with an increase in temperature and while we have cold dry conditions outside. Rain and sunshine can be our enemy when trying to get the best image for an external Thermal Survey. Thermographic Inspections of the building exterior can be effective, but we find that the weather conditions can reduce the effectiveness, so we concentrate on examinations of the building interior.

If you are interested in finding the ABC Energy losses through Draughts - Wind Wash - Thermal Bridging, Poor or Missing insulation, you may wish to consider our Combined Energy Report - this is a very powerful tool combining an Air Test with Thermal Imaging and will show up these potential thermal problems that will be increasing your energy costs.

We can find the air leaks (draughts) that are increasing your heating costs


You could SAVE 20% (or more) every year once sealed afterwards on the cost of the investment in our service.

Invest from £300.00 in our Combined Energy Report and some simple air sealing.

Home Buyers & Sellers: Detailed Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale inspections, from a quick walk through to full reporting
Don’t buy a lemon! We can show you the unseen problems like moisture and water damage behind the structure.

HOUSE SELLERS – Use our thermal inspection to prove your asking price.
HOUSE BUYERS – Use our thermal inspection report to negotiate a price reduction.

New Builds

  • We can support your builder through the process and ensure you meet the minimum result for the final Air Tightness Test

  • Drawing Review - spot potential problems, sort while still on "paper"

  • Pre-Test at 'sealed' stage - find and seal while easy and cheap!

  • Final AP Test - problems found now could be expensive to resolve

Existing Builds

Combined inspection or full energy audit to find draughts, insulation problems and energy loss problems, create increased comfort conditions while lowering heating costs.


A small increase in costs that will reap a permanent return on the sum invested. We work with your builder to identify potential problems, and provide a final test to show how effective the improvements have been.


Bring the whole house up to new standards while enduring the upheaval of the building works. This ensures your investment in extending also provides a home that is economical to heat. 

Loft Conversions

  • Check and seal air leaks to keep heating costs low.

  • Rooms in Roofs are the worst areas to prevent energy loss due to air flow

  • Significant energy is lost due to poor air sealing at the top of any house.

  • Do you have attic rooms that are extremely hot in the summer yet very cold in the winter?

  • Your attic rooms are probably leaking loads of air and need sealing, but where to start?

  • We specialise in finding the air leaks, most can be sealed by simple DIY methods.

Replacement Windows and Doors

Confirm that the installation and opening seals are air tight. While fitting new windows and doors can reduce draughts, most of this benefit comes from sealing the new frames into the structures opening, improving the air tightness. 


Check where air leaks are increasing your heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer, generally there are gaps between the frame and building and holes from the cavity wall as well as poor sealing between the frame and roofing. All contributing to increased energy and poor comfort conditions, stopping you from using the available space for longer throughout the year. 

We look for and find air leaks around the openings in the building structure, not just the gaps around doors and window sashes where gaskets or draught sealing strips should have been fitted.

We can provide the information that will reduce your energy costs after the sealing work is completed.

Call us before any work has started and let us find those unseen or unnoticed energy sapping problems, then arrange the cure during the building work and save money in the long term.

Non-Invasive: Our process does not require cutting into walls or any further damage to the property.

Trevor Clark is a member of UKTA (UK Thermographic Authority) and an Associate Member of BINDT (British Institute of Non Destructive Testing) and is accredited through the iATS for Air Tightness Testing and to certify both homes and non-domestic buildings for Part L of the building regulations.

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