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Our Services

Solar PV
We install JA Solar and Sun Power Photovoltaic systems, on-roof, in-roof or ground mounted. We always recommend to use Solar Edge optimisers and inverters to boost output.
Heat Pumps
We are approved Stiebel Eltron, Mitsubishi and Dimplex installers and design and install systems including air and ground source heat pumps depending on customer requirements.
Dimplex Heating and Water
If your property is not suitable for a standalone heat pump you can still save a lot on your energy costs by installing an Edel hot water heat pump or Quantum heaters. We will have a solution for you.
Tesla Powerwall
A Tesla Powerwall is a great way to optimise your energy consumption, store surplus energy for the time when the sun is not shining. We are the only Isle of Man approved installer.
Electric Vehicle Wall Chargers
Driving an electric vehicle and need a wall charger? We do install different types of chargers including zappi myenergi and are the only Isle of Man approved installer of Tesla Wall Connectors.
Air Tightness Testing
We can test your property for any energy loss through the building fabric. This can be done during new builds or to improve an existing property. You'll be surprised how much we can save you on your energy bills!
Combined Energy Report
In combining Air Tightness and Thermography technology we can produce a thermal performance report on your building which can help to design a new heating system or identify energy savings.
We are using highly sophisticated thermal imaging cameras to sense the heat emitted from a buildings surface, like walls, roofs and windows. This will help to identify heat loss problems in your property. 
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