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Server Room Integrity Testing

Are your servers in a separate room where the equipment is kept under controlled conditions?


Should a fire start in the room an automatic fire suppression system should activate and the fire should be extinguished, but only if the extinguishing agent remains inside the room long enough to put and keep the fire out.

We can provide guidance on room design, but you will still need a structural engineer.

All major insurance companies require an Integrity Room Test to be performed annually to ensure any fire will be extinguished as part of business continuity insurance.

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Be sure to ask to view the Integrity Room Test Certificate from  your Cloud Service Provider if you outsource Server Room Facilities

An Integrity Room Test is very similar to a building Air Tightness Test in that we are looking for the air leakage within the room to slow the loss of suppressant agent. The agent should remain within the room for at least 10 minutes to ensure any fire is put out and will not re-ignite again, the agent should remain inside the room for as long as possible to keep the fire out.

Once tested, we can arrange to have any holes or gaps sealed or advise where and how sealing may be required.

We are also able to test the room for peak pressure and that the safety relief vent opens at the correct pressure to prevent damage to the room structure. We can provide advice on achieving the 10 minute minimum agent retention time should you room not meet the standard required. Previously this test has been provided from the UK at premium costs to companies on the island. We are happy to advise that this service is now available locally at reasonable cost by a service provider who will work within your time frame to achieve the desired result.

We find leaks using two methods:

  • Neutrally Buoyant Smoke: drawn to any air leaking out of room, this will not set off fire alarms.

  • Thermal Imaging: detects air entry and exit points due to temperature difference at air path.

While we have our infrared thermal camera available why not ask for a quick check of the equipment for potential problem hot spots that may go unseen at present.

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