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Electric Vehicle Wall Chargers

We are the Isle of Mans exclusive approved installer of Tesla Wall Connectors and we are also the only approved zappi myenergi installer. Of course we install products from other manufacturers including chargers provided by your car manufacturer, like the BWM i Wallbox


If you drive an electric vehicle you should think about installing an EV wall charger because as a domestic customer you can benefit from a reduced energy tariff provided by the Manx Utilities. This will allow you to charge your vehicle for up to seven hours over night at almost half the cost of the normal energy tariff.

The system would be even more efficient in homes that already have solar PV installed as our myenergi chargers can harvest energy produced by the solar panels first and will only charge from the grid if needed, so you could can run your car entirely on green energy. 


The maximum charge rate depends on your exact home installation but most properties allow a maximum rate of 7.4 kW or 19 to 27 miles/hour which is more than sufficient for overnight charging. One of our engineers can determine the available power at your home during a site visit and install your wall charger accordingly.

Below images show some of our installations of Tesla Wall Connectors in the Isle of Man.

Tesla Wall Connector
Tesla Wall Connector
Tesla Wall Connector
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