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Solar PV Systems

A typical 4kw in roof solar PV system including initial survey and installation will cost you approximately £8,500. The solar panels we install have a 25 year manufacturers output warranty and our SolarEdge inverters installed come with a 12 year manufacturers warranty which can be extended to 20 years for an additional fee.

Cost savings depend on a number of factors, like roof direction and tilt of the installation, hours of clear weather and your personal consumption pattern. However, most of our customers in the Isle of Man can expect a 4kw system to produce about 3,800 kwh electricity per year.

Air Source Heat Pumps

A highly recommended heat pump manufacturer and popular choice with our customers is Mitsubishi.

For a typical 3 or 4 bedroom property in the Isle of Man we would install a heat pump out of their EcoDan range, an 11.2kw Ashp complete with a 200L cylinder would cost approximately £12,500, this includes installing and decommissioning of existing equipment.
Tesla Powerwalls

Many of our customers opt to install a Tesla Powerwall together with their Solar PV system to make the most of their installation and realise bigger savings compared to a system without electric storage.

We are the only approved Tesla Powerwall certified installers for the Isle of Man and can deliver and install a Powerwall for approximately £9,500.

(*) All prices are correct as of June 2022 and can change due to market conditions beyond the control of Manx Solar Electrical.
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