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Solar PV

Some examples of our Solar PV projects

Mountain View Innovation Centre - August 2020
  • New arrays of 194 JA Solar Smart Modules, each capable of generating 320 Watts and therefore providing an additional potential generation of 62,080 Watts of energy – making a total for the Mountain View site of 126,430 Watts.

  • Each module includes embedded smart optimisation providing individual monitoring across the entire array to ensure maximum energy harvest.

  • Controlled by three separate SolarEdge three-phase inverters which convert the power in line with the Isle of Man mains supply.

  • Systems are covered by 25 Year warranties to provide confidence that the system will pay back its investment several times over.

Mountain View Innovation Centre - June 2018
  • 64 kilowatt solar panel installation on a large commercial building.

  • Each one of the 234 solar modules is optimised by individual monitoring and controlled by two 25kW 3 phase Solar Edge inverters to align power with the islands Mains supply.

  • The system is covered by a 25 year warranty and the energy generated by the solar panels will more than payback the investment.

  • Check out the video of the panel installation below.

IMG_4271 3.JPG
New Build - Solar PV, Heat Pump, Ventilation
  • 8 kilowatt solar panel installation on a new building.

  • We have also installed an Air Source Heat Pump and Whole House Heat Recovery Ventilation System into this building during 2018.

  • The client wanted to have a house that is as energy efficient as possible, an Air Permeability test has been performed at the closed stage of building work. This test did confirm where any potential energy losses were present so any rectification work could be accomplished while still easily accessible. 

  • The test also allows a confirmation of the heat calculations and ensures the building meets the energy reduction target to maintain the required Comfort Conditions.

Existing Property - Solar Panel Installation
  • 4.0 kilowatt solar panel installation on an existing property.

  • By linking these panels to a Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery, the owner could significantly reduce the energy costs of the building.

  • Use the sun light to charge the Powerwall via Solar Panels during the daytime when the building is unoccupied, and draw the stored energy from the Powerwall during the evening when the family is at home.

  • This results in a vastly reduced electricity bill and the client can save more money by selling surplus power back to the grid.

New Build - Solar PV, Heat Pump, Ventilation
  • A new build property - Struan Veg -  where the owners intention was to improve the energy efficiency of the design and install renewable technology.

  • We installed a Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump, Solar Panels and a twin Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation system.

  • Following an Air Permeability test on the building a few problems were located and after rectified by the builder should reduce the energy consumption still further.

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